TV Ident – Brief

By the eighteenth of January I will have to have produced at least three idents for  a channel I have created. I am required to have three, although I may produce more than that if I have the time left over. There are three required so that we can see how they work in a set with one another.

  • First and foremost I am need to research various other idents from several different channels and different styles of channel, to show how they are appropriately themed for their target audiences, shows, and channel style.
  • After the research I need to plan my own channel. Thinking of it’s name, target audience, programming, competitors, and its logo. This should be documented on my blog in under 250 words.
  • We will have a group talk about our ideas, receiving feedback and input into our ideas. This should be documented down also.
  • I then should look more specifically at my audience and the shows played for this audience in order to find inspiration.
  • Now I need to start experimenting. Drawing out potential ideas, story boards, mock-ups, and so forth. Afterwards I will create my work flow plan which shall vary due to how I choose to make my final ident.
  • Another set of feedback is needed on my ideas.
  • I will now begin producing my final ideas.
  • Once they are completed, my idea will be presented to the class.
  • Then we get another set of reviews and feedback.

Throughout all of this I need to be making blog posts to keep track of my work and to show my teacher exactly what I have done.

My final idents must be no longer than twenty seconds. They should all be PAL Widescreen (Square Pixel), in Quicktime format with h264 compression at a data rate of 6000kbps. They can be created however I please, as long as they are composited in After Effects afterwards. It is also required to have sound playing over it.


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