Ident Research

An ident is basically station identification. It is the channel identifying themselves whilst on air. It is a form of the channel branding themselves. Often the small videos are used to introduce the next program or next few programs.


As of October 2006, the BBC have been using a series of similar logos for their idents. All of which feature a frequently used circle. This is to symbolise unity. The circle also hints towards globe icon, so represent their heritage and history of the channel.

I think these are very well made. The videos on the background happen to create circles in an extremely creative way, and they always manage to work their logo into the image particularly well.

BBC tries to use a various selection of colours in their ident, to show no favouritism for one thing. It tries to show how universal they really are through the colours they select. The font is simple to read and very easy to notice at a fast glance. It makes things easier for anyone watching the channel. From the children watching their kids shows after school, or the over 60’s watching the day time programs. It allows everyone to read it and always tells you that BBC1 is a place for everyone. All of their idents are filmed, with the exception of a few obvious animated elements. They always manage to pick out their circle in whatever they are filming.


BBC3 is a channel that is aimed at young adults. They try to keep their ident relevant towards this. Keeping it fresh, new, and very eye catching. They play comedy shows more often than not, and their idents represent this particularly well. Everything is misplaced, items are suddenly found there that do not belong, and it just tries it’s best to appeal towards the style of the channel and its target audience. BBC3 uses a not too serious font or colour. They try to keep it light hearted and amusing even when their idents play. They are also animated which shows that they play animated shows for one, and they also somehow keep it light and funny from this animated element. In their idents are randomly placed, out of place, and out of context items. Giving it a messy clutter to appeal to their target audience of students. Who also have a messy, and cluttered lifestyle.


BBC4 is a more calm and relaxed channel. It plays documentaries and factual things. Their idents represent the calming way of the channel, keeping the music the same throughout each different ident, yet it is always something relaxing to watch in between the shows. Their idents are filmed to try and draw in their target audience. Knowing that animation is more so for children and teenagers. Using the simple format to create something visually interesting and visually pleasing on the eyes. Their logo is black, which means that selecting colours to use is very simple since just about every colour goes along with black particularly well. They can use just any colour and every colour they desire.

Horror Channel:

The horror channel makes their idents match exactly what they play on the channel. Keeping them in the simple red and black colours. Their filming style is choppy and quick. This makes it fit in more with the horror films it plays. Often featuring a small spoof of the films they play, e.g. The Grudge, Blair Witch Project, and so on. The channel is aimed at people over the age of 18, because of some of the ratings of their films that they happen to play. This means that they can make the idents as scary or creepy as they wish because it fits in well with the general theme of the channel all together. All of their stings are filmed. Their typography is simplistic and futuristic with the sans-serif font. This makes it less old fashioned and keeps it appealing towards the audience it has chosen to go with. The channel starts around 9am and goes well into the early hours of the morning. They play a few films throughout the day and night, along with shows of the same eerie theme such as Angel, Highlander, and Horror Bites.


The SyFy channel plays a selection of various Science Fiction shows and other shows of that nature. They try to make their idents match that, keeping them futuristic, simple yet eye catching, and sometimes make them seem otherworldly. They play shows such as Smallville, Haven, and Star Trek.

‘Syfy has a target audience in mind: people with a shared mindset of curiosity, optimism, creativity and open-mindedness that drives them to take risks, push boundaries and challenge the status quo. They call these people—who are the first to find and try new things and share those finds with others—”Igniters.”’ Adweek

The channel always sticks with a basic white and purple theme. This keeps it simplistic and still somehow futuristic. Along with their sans-serif font to also keep it seemingly futuristic too. Their tag line is ‘imagine greater’ which tries to draw in audiences and still somehow tells them exactly what the channel is about. Something beyond your imagination. Something impossible, yet it is right there for you.

Disney Cinemagic:

Disney Cinemagic is a film channel aimed primarily at children and teenagers. It features some old and new Disney movies and their idents always try to represent these. Various styles for each film they play or each themed week they seem to have. There is an under the sea one for The Little Mermaid, a cars one for the new Cars films, and several others. These fit in with their films very well. Throughout each one they always use the channels simple logo. The standard Disney font is always used for these logos. It is a font children can quickly relate to and read with ease. The Disney ‘D’ alone is one of the most iconic letters whilst in this font and everyone knows exactly what it means. The channel plays a series of animated films from the past and present, along with shows. Their idents are also animated which fits in with the style of what they play very well.


ITV1 films their idents, sometimes mixing it in post production with a small amount of animation. They always stick with light hearted, and simple, clean, images. This matches their channel very well. Since ITV1 seems to be the channel that plays the serious shows for them. The play a few talk shows during the day, and some drama’s of a night. Each of ITV’s channels are a different colour. This channel is yellow to suggest bringing happiness. It also fits in with their simplistic ways. Their logo does not feature capital letters, yet I like it because of this reason. It keeps it looking down to earth and almost hides away a pretentious quality having it in capitals would give it.


ITV3 features several long length shows and films. It is a timeless channel that often features crime shows such as Miss Marple and Poirot. Alternatively to the yellow colour of ITV1, this is a red colour. More of a rustic and old fashioned shade of red. Their filmed idents fit in with the old timely ways. Keeping them simplistic, and often barely featuring things of modern technology. This aids the channel in the shows they play. Targeted and filmed more often back a good while ago when these things barely happened to exist. Their crime ways normally just centre in a remote village, single house, and somewhere completely stripped back. This goes well with the shows completely, it always keeps up with what is going on on the channel, and since their audience is watching those kinds of shows form the channel, their ident matches and fits in extremely well for those purposes. All of the things filmed are simplistic, easy to do, yet extremely effective in their ways.


Dave is a channel primarily dedicated to playing comedy shows. This is why all of their idents are somewhat funny. Making scenarios their target audience would find funny. Like being in tents, yet indoors, or snowball fights using a fake snow machine. They slowly lead up to this. Often zoomed in to a part where you cannot tell the funny part of the ident, then it draws out and you can see it in full. Their tag line is ‘the home of witty banter’. This automatically tells the person looking at the channel that it is a channel for comedy. A light hearted channel just full of anything that should not be taken all too seriously. It is the same thing their idents tell the viewer also. They use a serif font to oppose with the current style of their target audience, I think this wasn’t by mistake and it actually helps out with the comedy aspect of the channel all together. They use a rainbow of various colours, never dedicating themselves to just one. All of their idents are filmed, which just means that they feature no animated shows, and that they are also encouraging their audience to find the comedy in a world that is actually out there. Not a fabricated one they have created themselves with the purposes of making it funny.

Discovery Channel:

The Discovery Channel is filled with documentaries. They are from various things, often timely over what time of the year it is. Like it plays Titanic in April, World Wars in November, and so forth. Their ident matches the things they play. The circles in the middle often changing for the theme. It makes the channel look dramatic and exciting somehow just using real key pieces from history. The circle that features dramatic things is actually a world, so symbolise how universal the channel is, and that it plays things from all around the world and about various things throughout the world.


Channel 4 shows a various variety of shows. They have comedy, drama, documentaries, game shows, and a lot of others. There is something on that channel for everyone and anyone. They even have a kid show or two in the early morning. This is made clear through their ident. Showing that no matter how many different things they have on their channel, it all comes together in the end to make the whole channel. It is a unified channel that shows clearly through the various pieces spread around forming together in the end to create this final product. The filming of the idents makes it seem more realistic. It gives the channel a professional sense, and makes you feel like it fits in with the shows they play particularly well.


E4 is a branch of Channel 4. It plays comedy shows, which is why their idents are animated. Animating your idents gives it a light hearted feel, making it seem easy, free flowing, and somewhat funny already. Their idents are cluttered and hectic. This adds to what the channel is like. It is a cluttered mess of comedy shows and films. This matches their target audience perfectly. Aimed more at students. Students are often messy, cluttered, and lead a hectic lifestyle. This is relating to the audience particularly well. They barely use typography in their idents. Although their logo is a simple and futuristic font. The colours are almost as mess as their idents. Organised with a purple tone, mixed with white and just about anything else they wanted to throw in the mix.


The Film 4 idents are to show the films they play. They are all overly dramatic in the simplest of ways. Even the small dropping of paint cans has been elaborated and slowed down to such a degree that it becomes dramatic. They try to make all of their idents have something happening in slow motion, this makes it seem more dramatic than it actually is. It also somehow calms down the hectic and busy ones such as the car crash. Taking away the shock element and turning it somehow into a euphoric ident. None of their idents are specifically themed towards a single genre of film. It helps tell you that this channel plays various things, from Science Fiction to Action films, Adventure films, or even Horror films. They also play children’s films and so forth. The font is simplistic and minimalistic. Almost going unnoticed by the over powering filmed images in the back. The resizing to make it fairly huge makes it noticed and stand out, but the slim letters allow you to see the video playing in the back regardless.


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