After deciding what my channel was going to play and who the audience was targeted for, I began to design my idents for the channel. These had to be appropriate towards my audience, shows, and the channels theme.

At first I played around with a few different logos. Designing it in a fun way in order to go along with my children’s theme of everything. Messing around with the play-doh theme, paint splatter, an actual playhouse, blocks, puddles, smiling faces, and shapes.

I even planned out how the ‘coming up next’ sign was going to look.

At a final choice, I settled on that I really liked the paint splatter logo. With the ‘PH’ for playhouse cut out of the logo and the coloured opacity turned down in order to see the show through the logo. The ‘coming up next’ is a paint scribble with the text on top of it. This is also matching in with my paint splatter theme.

I planned out a few different idents that I may possibly want to use. A few of the play-doh ones, which were my favourite choice in the end.

Along with a house with lighting up windows.

A shadow puppet one.


A collage one.


And a final paint splatter to match my logo.


I created a mock-up of the paint splatter one, to see how it would work out. Although, after making this, I decided against creating it at all. Instead I chose to go with the play-doh idea. This was because I could make more idents out of it using my ideas.

Once I had done all of these, the class was asked to give me feedback on my work. The channel sounds good, is appropriately named, and they like my logo and idents – therefore nothing needs to be changed to do with those.

Their only concern was the style I chose to create them in because the stop motion I chose would be hard to create on the time scale I had been given. They believe I may not be able to get them all done within that time. I feel if I stick to my schedule and do just as was necessary I would be able to get these finished in no time at all.


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