After I received the feedback on my work, I needed to begin creating the pieces to animate with. I knew my idea was a very long planned thing, and I would need all of the time I could have to film and edit my final idents. After planning three storyboards for my three idents, I began to make the pieces out of plasticine. As the time got on, I knew I wanted to create an overall seven if I had the time, so to save some, I made them all in a couple of sessions.

For each colour I tried to give off a different personality. This helps in aiding the children to pick a favourite, or take more to one of them than the others. Giving them eyebrows and selected lips along with various eyes helped me in giving each a different look and feel.

I knew that after making my plasticine pieces I would have to move and animate them for the final piece to work. I wasn’t so happy with this idea for once they’re somewhat dried out, moving them may possibly cause them to break. To fix this I made various stage pieces that I can move around in order to animate it.

For the second part of my animation, after them moving, I have an item their colour come onto the screen. This is to help the children learn more things to do with that colour specifically. I had to create all of these too, which was difficult.

After the part of the ident with the item, I have my little figure begin to move out again. Whilst this is happening a hand will come into the screen on top of the plasticine model. In order to not ruin my figures, I created their final squished look in order to make my work go a little faster.


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