Final Storyboard for all idents.

Picture 5

Walk in and stop.

Picture 6

Rotate clockwise until you cannot see the face.

Picture 7

Start to bend over.

Picture 8

Stop like this.

Picture 9

Stands back up.

Picture 6

Rotates around until you can see the face.

Picture 11

Item cones across the screen.

Picture 6

Rotates until you cannot see the face once again.

Picture 7

Bends down.

Picture 8

Stops like this while the camera moves on top of the item.

Picture 12

Hand comes into the screen. Going down on top of the bent item.

Picture 13

It lifts away to reveal the flattened form. The camera stays on it for a few beats.

Picture 14

The logo fades on top of the scene. The scene fades away and the logo gets smaller in size and goes to the corner where it usually sits over the shows.


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