The Making Of:

Generally all of my idents.

To make all of my idents I first had to set up the scene. This was easily created using white paper and some tape. That way the colours popped out of the scene more. Next I had to set up my camera and open iStopMotion. This is because my film was going to be created in stop motion. I had to use a Sony PD 170 camera to do this.

After I had shot all of my frames I saved the videos then I moved towards AfterEffects.

First I created a new composition with all the correct settings for our final video.

I then had to import my video file in. This part was a little complicated. The video we had created wasn’t the same size as our canvas. I stretched a video or two because some of the items went off of the side of the page. Others, I merely had to hope that it worked out.

Due to how I recorded my video, I had a few shadows that made my scene noticeable. To remove this problem I had to create a mask for every item on my workspace.

Picture 1

I did this using the pen tool.

Picture 3

Dong this shaping backwards made it easier for me to edit. The shapes needed to be changed every frame or so of my video, so this allowed it to gradually move when I added in a path. If it did happen to cut off some of the video I ended up editing the shape on that frame.

Picture 4

After doing all of this, I had to create the end of my video, using my already made logo I faded the video out and faded that in. Importing a sample clip I had it placed into where I was supposed to show after the ident was finished.

Picture 5

Picture 6

This process was the same for all of my idents.


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