Badge & Sticker Research

148427-Social-Badges-Set Remember things don’t have to be kept boring. A badge/sticker of your logo will always be a nice thing, just remember you can create more. Try making your logos from your portfolio of work into badges/stickers.

Social Badges by Estudio Goró

4229341  It is best to keep things simplistic. Instead of putting a full piece of work onto a badge/sticker you should try to crop down to one key part, that way you’re promoting yourself in a new and creative way.

Badges for a social networking site by Jonathan Patterson

595181-Blindfood-App-Badges Just because you won’t be taking the time to make over the top hand sewn badges and stuff of that sort, it doesn’t mean you can’t create the same effect in photoshop. People will be more intrigued if the design isn’t really what the actual product is. It’d surprise them more.

Food Achievement Badges by Burcu Dayanıklı

Beknown badges by Stephen Anderson  There isn’t any harm in looking at already made badges, such as boy scout badges and things of that sort for inspiration on how to make the design.

Beknown badges by Stephen Anderson

hack Remember your audience. Remember to keep things simple, and clean.

Tarot badges by Rebecca Chen

Found Here


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