Business Card Research

url It is important to create something fun to look at, visually appealing, and a business card that someone will feel that they do not just want to get rid of it. Something with your time and effort, along with something that helps it feel personal to them. An interactive feature, or relatively personal comment on the card will often create this feeling.

interactive-business-card-4interactive-business-card-2interactive-business-card-3interactive-business-card-1 Making a personal thing can often be tricky and complicated. You can find yourself over doing things which only serves to make it unappealing. To help this try the more simplistic looks. Vintage and rustic things often look more professional to a possible client than something cluttered and childish.

Bureau Rabensteiner

business-cards-dice Make it fun. Fun is key to this, it’ll hell with the aspect of making a card that they want to throw away the moment they get it.

Matt Bogust

a199_c2 Often the better choice is to do something related towards the work that you do. It gives them an immediate impression of who you are as a person without saying a single word.

paperback-business-card Most importantly, make it something you would be proud to keep yourself. Sometimes the more effective looking ideas, more productive ones, are the harder ones to keep. A business card in book form will not be sufficient enough to keep in your wallet/purse, however this is a good other product idea.

Preuss Und Preuss

95This gives it a personal, rustic sense. It makes everything seem a lot more individual thanks to the wax seal on the back. Each one is individual and it makes the client value the card further. The simple colour gives it a simplicity and makes it more mysterious.

bizcard01Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, and this business card plays off of that completely. It gives it a personal feel, makes you connect with the creator, and you can even see a picture of him which only makes it even more personal. I like this idea, just not particularly the idea of a picture on it, as I feel it may turn some people away, yet it is highly clever. They chose this to appeal to the technological side of people in our day and age.

Frederic Tourrou

Web Design Harlow studioClever business card for a web design company. It opens up to be a laptop which advertises straight away what you are working with. Some information displayed on the top screen tells them who you are and what you do. It’s a clever way to appeal to the customer in this day and age, especially with the industry they are working with.

Web Design Harlow Studio

portfolioaboutThis is Marcela Make your business card appropriate towards you actual online portfolio. They can even be your about me page from the portfolio. This will work more effectively when given in a box along with your real portfolio, therefor you can actually use your links through that to signify what pages they are on.

Found Here & Here & Here


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