Evaluation of my Idents/Final Feedback

I created a series of idents for a channel I had also created. Playhouse was a children’s TV channel, created to promote fun and education at the same time. The difference being that the shows changed throughout the day for the age range. Keeping it at a series of specific times. Child shows of a morning to stimulate and wake up, baby shows/toddler shows throughout the day in order to stimulate and teach them at that time, and then older children’s shows in the evening before a ‘goodnight’ hour. All shows would be appropriate for any age range. However, it just depends on their learning and development as to what you allow them to watch.

I went about making my idents appropriate towards the style of the channel. Keeping them childish, educational, and messy at the same time.

My idents were generated using iStopMotion. Since they were created in Plasticine and everything would have to be done through stop motion I made the logo in Photoshop and added in aspects after everything was done with AfterEffects. I got this idea from looking around at children’s channels. The Cartoonito ident features shapes with features, and I found myself combining that with Morph in order to make the final product.

Each character in the ident has their own individual personality; this makes a child connect with certain ones and gives us a potential to make a small TV Series using these characters. Red was somewhat dumb and clumsy, Orange was slightly evil/malevolent, Yellow was happy, Green was tall and the lanky one of them, Blue was grumpy, Pink was very feminine, and Purple was clever.

I like the animation within my final product, however, I am not 100% satisfied with the final product as a whole. I didn’t have time to add in the sound to it so I looked for something quickly suiting towards the character’s personality, I also struggled to find the sounds I wanted for this ident. If I could have I would have rather looked into the sound design more. Matching things towards the sound instead of just throwing it in. The endings are too quick yet I tried not to go over my given time, this also meant I could not add my colours to the beginning of the video for fear of making it longer. I wish I would have masked this better, so that you couldn’t see the shadows and part of the videos were cut off. I also wished I would have filmed in the correct size at the beginning of making it.

If I had more time, I probably would start this all over. Make an after effects based ident, probably using the paint idea – to match the logo – or the shadow puppet idea. I feel these may have been more effective in the end.

From the feedback of my peers I have been told to make them a little slower, look more into the thought bubbles above the character’s head, and integrate items into it more. The thing mashing the character could always be hit with a different object each time which adds a small surprise to things. Also, maybe my idents are a little to violent with the smushing of the character for the age ranges I have selected.


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