Letter Head Research

Furry-Paws-Visual-Identity-I-106495011 The most important thing to remember with your letter head is to keep it in a matching theme with all of your other items. Everything needs to look as if it is a set, so they all need to match perfectly. Colour tone, logo, all of it. Sometimes the coloured paper will be a problem, font may be hard to read on it, and it can be very costly at times, so take all of this into consideration when designing your letter head.

238512 Remember to have it simple and appropriate towards your company at all times. Don’t take up the entire page with your letterhead, and don’t make it all too joke filled, remember there are chances of you having to send a serious letter out with this too.

Valens Energy Drink.

259926 Always keep it fun and creative. People like to keep the ones that look like there is more thought and effort put into it than a thing that looks overly done, tacky, and quite horrible.

Snowball Studios

589610 Double sided paper will be okay, just remember your cost on this part too. Also remember that there is a chance you may have to print on the back of the page at some point, so take the colour you use into consideration.


93585 Simple is always key. Simple, futuristic, something eye-catching and overall pleasing is valued more than something cluttered.


353270 Vintage is always a way to go. It helps things look professional, stay neat, and gives people a rustic family vibe to the company. Like it has been there and passed down in generations.

Lewin Consulting

527516 Colour is always key. Make sure it works on all of your products and it looks nice. Remember not to have too many colours, or bright over taking colors. Simplicity is always a good thing.


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