Packaging Research

milkcarton  It’s a day and age where everything is done online. This means you will have an online store dispatching items to order. Keep things fresh and new by packaging those items in creative and fun ways.

Mama Quilla by Camille Forget.

381627583_64915bfae0 It is always key to package in the style of the item you are promoting. You can make it look fun and this will appeal more towards people.

Naoto Fukasawa Packaging.

015 There is no harm in making your packaging look like the item inside of it. It always helps keep things nice and new.

Fruit Juice Cartons.

nikegq9  Remember who you are delivering the items too. Keep the packaging always appropriate for the audience, it also must fit in with your set of colours, themes, and styles.

Nike Trainer Box

askinosie-choco There isn’t any harm in creating a box to put everything in instead. Not just package it, but put your portfolio, a promotional badge, and even your business card to keep the client coming back.

Askinosie Chocolate


My soap Box – Nicholas Wilson

Found Here


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