T-Shirt Research

tshirts02 Promotional T-Shirts can often be boring, simply being your logo all over the front of it. This isn’t the way to go when you’re a designer. Remember to make something people will want to wear day in and day out. Then, with a small promotion or logo located on it, they will always be able to mention just where they got the shirt from.

4H4 Hair Formula (Singapore)

tshirts09 Don’t get too complicated with it. Simplicity is always key. Making something simple and fun is always a lot better, and more cost efficient, than something overly done and illustrated.


tshirts13 Always make it apply to who/what you are promoting. Remember to keep it towards the line you want to put forward, otherwise there really isn’t much of a point here.

DDB Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

tshirts01 You can still have a lot of fun with it at the same time, of course. Creating things clever, and creative at the same time. Something fun will always be more appealing to wear than something dull.


tshirts05 Appeal towards your target audience. Something new and cool will not hit it off more with the older generation. Know who you are trying to get into your company before you make a lot of T-Shirts to sell.

Marshall Music.

Found Here


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