Creative Advertisements

ca4 Sometimes thinking cleverly is more important. The thing that stops a person and makes them think about your design is more effective than something boring and plain. Making a person think about your advertisement for your work makes them remember it more. So, we can’t do something on such a large scale as half of these. We never will be able to because it costs quite a bit too much; however, there is nothing stopping us from making something smaller scaled. Something small and simple to be put on your business card.


creativeadvertising2 Think creatively around the product/company you are promoting. If they are a dentistry you will do better to feature teeth as the main aspect, other than just having a graphically drawn doodle. People relate more to images. Pictures of people like them.

Ston n’ Grow

ca3creativeadvertising11This one is far more effective. It makes you think, it makes you wonder, you think you understand the meaning of it until you read further into it. The bright orange colour only opposes the actual company which advertises water, it confuses and baffles you, yet the answer is hidden there. It’s there just as big as the meaning behind it.

Denver Water

ca9People will remember clever  advertisements more than others. Something funny that made them smile, something amusing, so you can always play around with that side of things, just like this company that promotes strong teeth from their tooth paste.

Formula Toothcare

creativeadvertising1Challenges stick in people’s mind. A joke, yet something to promote the company further is always a good idea. It helps to be confident about what you are promoting/selling, just like in this one. They are so confident that their glass is unbreakable that they stuck a stack of money behind some and stuck it in a bus stop.

3M Security Glass

creativeadvertising13The good sticks with the mind too, as does the bad. Maybe this is a little out of poor taste, but all publicity is publicity regardless. The terrible and tasteless ideas are talked about a lot more than the others, and this one will definitely stick in someone’s mind. I won’t be able to do this due to its large scale, and it’s effectiveness only works well in that scale. Downsizing it won’t work.

Funeral Services

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