Disney Junior Research

The Disney Junior website on the other hand of my previous two researches is more so a combination of both of those. It has its general home page, with standard contant links that are very easily found and laid out. These move with soft animations upon a hover over.The hover over sound goes with the general animation of the page. The glittery swirly animation, and sound to accompany it, add into the effect of Disney, which all children have been raised into believing the magic of. It displays the work accurately along with the company and brand itself.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 09.37.02

Each character has their own page which is a little muddled up and hard to navigate. Games, stories, and colouring pages and activities are all jumbled into a huge pile here, and you have to sift through to find just what you like. Using the alternative links helps you find what you want more simplistically and easily than this, but Disney realises that children are more likely to click on the image of their favourite character in the top bar, than their alternate links along the side. It is a tactic to keep them on the site longer, and also deliver the character specific things.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 09.37.18

The colours are standard on standard pages, yet they change on the character specific pages as to suit that characters certain colours. The main page is often a simple blue, and when you go onto, for example, Sofia the First’s page, it turns to purple as that is that character’s colours.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 09.37.33

All in all I feel this website has some positive and negative features. Some I will carry through to my own site, others I will bypass for an earlier option. The navigational system of having the characters constantly there is a nice idea, but I would have to see how that would work with my layout, also the custom mouse, and soft animations is a rather good idea. Along with alternate colour schemes and themes for each characters page. This is a good idea to promote just where the character is from. Jade, the panda, is from China, and I would be able to highlight that with a red background, lanterns, and everything else. Something in order to educate children further.


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