General Brief for Interactive Website unit.

Educational Interactive Website for Children.

Deadline: 20th May 2013

The aim of this task is for you to create a series of educational and interactive items for children aged 4-10. These will feature characters you have created yourself in a previous project. The task has a number of stages that you must follow to reach your final goal. You are creating this website in order to educate and entertain children which creative use of your characters created in a previous unit. Everything must have some form of educational aspect, it is a geography story therefore various characters and games can be made.

Stage One: Research

  • Look into children’s educational games online. Things like BBC Bitesize, Cbeebies, etc.
  • Remember your age group that you are creating for. Look into the topics you do questions on. Geography, Math, English, etc.
  • Font Research, and also age group research.

Stage Two: Designing

  • Design your characters further. Do they have other friends? What about a website directory? An entire website for the games to be centralised.
  • Receive feedback on these designs and ideas. What is better? Anything you can add or take away from it?
  • From your feedback draw your complete final designs out.

Stage Three: Creating

  • Using flash create the pages for your work. The main directory, general layout for each page, and the credits page.
  • Research and find the questions for each game you create. Ten or fifteen for each subject you select.
  • Make your animated characters and create them in photoshop.
  • Add your final pieces to each page.
  • Make posters to also go onto your pages.
  • Make five or ten colouring pages for your website to also have. Smidge, Smudge, friends, and group ones too.

Stage Four: Final.

  • Receive more feedback on your final pieces of work.
  • If there is time add any changes that you can easily do.
  • Evaluate your work based on the brief and the feedback you received. What do you like? What do you dislike? Any challenges? How did you overcome those? If given more time what would you do differently?

Work Diary:


15th April – Research – Games, font research, colour research. Make a thorough plan of what you are doing. Put all of this in your sketchbook.

22nd April – Character design. Other animals, Smidge and Smudge. Website design. Question Design. Feedback.

29th April – Final design changes. Draw out your characters in photoshop. Colouring pages, certificate, and your posters. All photoshop work should be completed.

6th May – Create your website, character animation and general design for the website.

13th May – Add the final features to the website. Insert your other features like pages, posters, and the others. Get feedback on all of this and note it down in your sketchbook.

20th May – Any final edits and evaluation.

I will use flash to create the majority of my project. Photoshop will be used along with this too. In the end you want a series of three interactive questions, a website directory for this, posters, colouring pages, certificates, and, if in time, the story of Smidge and Smudge on your website too. Your research will be collected in your sketchbook, and the changes and development will be displayed in your sketchbook too.

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