I like this font because it’s clean, simple, and still easy to read for children. It may make a good logo for Smidge and Smudge.


This one I am not wanting to use at all. The font is hard to read, and for children, who, possibly, can’t even write their name correctly yet, it is a little too extreme.


This has to be my favourite. It’s simple, it looks to be handwritten, and it is very interesting at the same time. I feel it would appeal to the younger age I am looking for here.


This is more a combination of the other font, but with a soft, suble, and very relaxed twist that enables children to be able to read it. Image

I looked into jungle fonts, since the two monkeys are from there. This, I feel, is a little too stoneage for what I was looking for.


Since Smidge and Smudge travel around the world in the geography story, I have looked into fonts of other countries. This Chinese font I rather like, but it doesn’t suit for the logo since Smidge and Smudge go to China, but also to many other places. Maybe this can be used on a page where they do visit China though.


The same applies for this one. I prefer it over the other font previously used, it seems more handwritten and ink like.


Since both are from Africa, I looked into an African font and found this. I like it, it stands out, but I think it is a little too harsh for the approach I am trying to take.

Font Research for Smidge and Smudge website


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